Contrary to evidence presented in the My Ruin interview in the February issue of Metal Maniacs, we at the Rumour Mill wanted to be the first to congratulate magazine editor Mike G and vocalist Tairrie B.

It turns out that what many had interpreted as a bitchfest on par with a Drew Carey/Rosie O'Donnell Ultimate Fighting Match was just a 'lover's quarrel'. The following notification was recently discovered amid the Wedding/Engagement Announcements in the New York Times:

'Michael G. and Tairrie B (both of New York) will be joined in holy matrimony on February 14th, 2005. The wedding will take place at the 2nd St. Vitus Church Of Our Visionary Redeemer in Manhattan, with reception to follow at Hooters. Reverend David Wayne to officiate. Entertainment to be provided by Lacuna Coil and Marduk.'

All we at the Rumour Mill can say is 'go figure', and we wish the couple all the happiness metal wedded bliss can bring.

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