Thyrfing - Farsotstider - Regain Records / Candlelight Records USA 2006
8 Songs
Running Time: 42:43

Thyrfing has brought forth what is worthy of being called one of the best Viking metal albums produced this year in Farsotstider.

The guitars lend a solemn, yet empowering atmosphere to the album, while Väänänen's vocals carve at the interior of your ribcage, and project the sound of warriors of old. These guys really don't need stage blood and dirt to help convey to listeners an abyssmal cold lust for war; their music does it inarguably alone. But, for all of Thyrfing's Viking memoirs, the music doesn't always follow the lyrics down the paths of yore. Keyboards by Löf sometimes add a much more gothic touch to the album, with the sounds of a faint choir can be heard occasionally. Also, there are moments throughout the album where the guitars are melodic enough that in some strange way one could easily imagine the song breaking into industrial tones, though to some I'm sure that would require a good stretch of imagination. This thought, though, is luckily interrupted by a goodsize portion of blast beats, leaving little to raise the question at the end of Thyrfing's allegiance to metal. As well as finding the music to be a truly awesome experience, the Farsotstider cover art evokes the mood of the album very well. The image of a single white tree (can you say Gondor?) is much simpler and more beautiful compared to Thyrfing's previous album covers. Because of this I believe it is a better picture of what's in store for listeners than their earlier covers, which were far more complex and colourful. And yes, somehow in the middle of that all the sword symbol does, in fact, signify Thyrfing.

Please, do yourself a favor; withdraw from your pathetically small bank account, scrape between the couch cushions, or gratify lonely serving wenches (suggested only after seriously considering your situation), but do whatever it takes to get your hands on Farsotstider!
Review By: Agent Slaughter

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