Thine Eyes Bleed - In The Wake Of Separation  - The End Records 2005
9 Songs
Running Time: 36:22 

After a few demos within as many years, and featuring such notable members as an ex-guitarist of Kittie, and a brother of a Slayer member, you'd think Canadians Thine Eyes Bleed would be primed for success. Well, they're primed for something, alright.

Thine Eyes Bleed kick things off convincingly enough with the new-school metal (read: not nu-metal) of 'Cold Victim', but by the time 'Without Warning' was halfway through, I was searching in vain for something - anything - to differentiate Thine Eyes Bleed from any of the bands of their ilk currently flooding the market. Sure, it's "harsh", and sure, it's "fast"'s also really fucking boring. There's a new sub-genre that's been making waves ever since someone decided it would be a good idea to record a half-assed attempt at writing some At The Gates songs and see who bit. It's not quite thrash, it's not quite metalcore. It's just kind of there. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. ZAO (to me, they've always been a metal band at heart) have managed to pull something useable from the wreckage, and Germany's Neaera have made a good first showing with The Rising Tide Of Oblivion, so there is hope. And that's not to say that Thine Eyes Bleed aren't skilled at their instruments. 

The flaw, I believe, is in execution. More time spent learning songcraft, and less time patching random riffs together and labelling them "songs" may do them some good. Vocally, there's very little to offer here, and the tone of the guitars stays in that "not raw enough for thrash, not downtuned enough for hardcore" mode, which serves to render Song A indistinguishable from Songs B-Z. 'Sliver' does manage to inject a frail sort of hook into the mix, but it's much too little much too late in the case of Thine Eyes Bleed. For the life of me, I can't figure out what The End Records (a label known for pushing the envelope with stellar albums and artists) was thinking. I'd pretty much bet that if Tom Araya had stopped his little brother from going through his junked song ideas, we wouldn't have to deal with this.

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