The Smackdown - Someone Has To Kill The Headwriter - Goodfellow Records  2006
13 Songs
Running Time: 21:28

Like a salmon spawning ground, Sweden, of late, has been churning out hardcore and hardcore-influenced aggression like never before. From the neo-thrash of Hatesphere to the thugged-out stomp of Born From Pain, Sweden's output has been, for the most part, moshworthy and devoid of the breakdown-breakdown-wannabe-Maiden solo-breakdown formula the US scene can't seem to break free of. Relatively new to the party, The Smackdown have been thrusting out their take on hardcore, and have been creating mayhem in the ring and on basement stages of Europe since 2001. 

Admittedly, I was worried when I looked at the CD packaging, the ivory-white and hot pink clashing in that oh-so-emo way, and were it not for the words, I'd have sworn the new Panic! At The Disco album had just snuck in under my radar. Thankfully, The Smackdown sound nothing like the aforementioned band of moving targets, but that's not saying much. Crap comes in all shapes and sizes, and, sadly, The Smackdown's latest effort is just that. Blantantly stealing riffs from the such disparate bands as Slayer, Breach, and Big Black, and rolling them all into one big waste of twenty-one minutes. The Smackdown would have you believe this is somehow original. Yes, in a way, it is. I've never heard the music of the aforementioned bands sound this bad before. Factor in the wrestling gimmick (Sorry, it's as much a gimmick as The Locust and their masks/outfits. They just don't use their gimmick as a crutch. You made your squared circle, now lie in it.), and what you have is Slipknot for the wannabe-screamo scene. Gag me with Hacksaw Jim Duggan's 2x4.

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