Sourvein - Emerald Vulture EP - This Dark Reign Recordings 2005
4 Songs
Running Time: 27:55

The name of Sourvein has been on the lips of many, despite having only three albums in their ten-plus years of existance. That just goes to show what constant touring, a veritable truckload of split 7"/compilation appearances, and one of the heaviest damn rhythm sections this side of Melvins will do for you. After last year's decimation of the band's adopted NOLA stomping grounds, Sourvein has taken the bullshit by the horns, so to speak, and dragged Emerald Vulture up from the murky swamps to prove that it takes more than a natural disaster to hold them down. 

The pounding riffs of 'Blessed' veer wildly from Ramesses-style doom to total backwater sludge, T-Roy's manic yawp recognizable from his Buzzov*en days, and howling like a Baptist preacher overtaken by demons. The title track lumbers with a brontosaurus-heavy groove, clearing a path heedless of the shredded eardrums and broken backbones in its wake. The real monster here, though, is found in 'Witch Rides Out...'. It's really hard to put metaphor and synonym to work for you when trying to describe something creatively, especially when the only words that will come to mind are "heavy as fuck". So there you have it. 'Witch Rides Out...' = Heavy As Fuck. Ending with Will's devastating plod in 'Heart Of Ebon', the EP comes to a close in a barrage of guitar/electronic feedback lasting twice as long as the song itself.

The first of three planned EPs, Emerald Vulture is both a personal triumph for Sourvein, and the redneck asskicking all those dune-buggy-riding desert stoner rock-lite bandwagon-jumpers so desperately need. New Orleans has fucking risen, and the rest of the country had better watch its back.

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