RubberMiilk Orchestra - When In Rome (Revolution) - Chocolate Stain Records 2005
9 Songs
Running Time: 33:18

Equal parts Primus and Parliament, Michigan's RubberMiilk Orchestra are a case study for what shouldn't work in music. Why does it then? Who can say, but with music as energetic and vital as that which appears on RMO's debut full-length, who really cares? The point is that it does. Blindingly fast proto-thrash basswork collides with angular guitars, and all kept somehow afloat by the spot-on rhythm method of drummer Rogan. Factor in the faux-Brit pontifications of vocalist/bass-sexualizer Manny Mizzo, and what you've got is a nicely-packaged mindfuck (contraceptive device not included). From the hurtling funk of 'On The Fly' to the rollicking 'Fuck 'Em', the absurd is glorified and the typical given the finger in the world of RMO. The jazz stylings of 'Sloppy Tall' would send purists running, but the openminded would do well to stay and take note of the good times abounding within.

Consider this fair warning, then. If you're looking for the metal/hardcore normally covered here, this is nothing like what you've probably ever heard. Donnald, Rogan, and Manny pack a musical punch of Rocky Balboa (the original, if you please) proportions, but heavy metal this is not. RMO skewer convention in lieu of doing "wot the fokk they wanna.", as Manny would likely say. Ending with 'Clone Train', a freakout on par with a Bootsy Collins / Dysrhythmia jam session - RMO spark more interest before the forty-minute-mark than most bands do with twice the time. Got 'Miilk?

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