One Day Remains - 2005 Demo - Independent
3 Songs
Running Time: 10:14

Self-described as "Lots of dinosaurs fighting a slot machine from Hell.", I feared that Michigan's One Day Remains were one of "those" bands. You know, the kind where you think the band name was chosen through some online metalcore band name generator? It's almost like "those" bands come with sets of instructions for naming.

1. Pick a number.
2. Name a favourite season or time of day.
3. Add a verb. Bonus points for using the words Fail, Breaking, Falls, or Rises.

I booked these guys as part of a benefit this past fall on the recommendation of a friend of a friend, and awaited their set with all the anticipation of a sloth on Dramamine. I hooked up with Ian (guitars) before the show, and I'd be lying if I didn't say his Nile t-shirt brought me a glimmer of hope. Still, the jury was out, and one musically-discerning member does not a good band make. When the band took the stage, though, I was greatly impressed with the tightness of the group as a whole, and - after paying attention - their diversity within the confines of tech-death metal made them one of the night's standouts. Fast-forward to early 2006, and I hit the Play button hoping that at least some of the live show's intensity carried over onto disc, and didn't leave them sounding like Metalcore Band X. The guitars on opener 'Take One Creature From Your Graveyard And Put It Into Play' skronk and flail like a tablesaw stuttering its way through a corpse, the drums of Corey Zambrano moving between blast and bang with surprising ease. Vocally, One Day Remains brings to mind the screech of early Ion Dissonance at times, coupled with a youthful Antigama growl, especially in 'I Can Handle Hoes Better Than A Fireman'. Ending with the fantastically-titled 'Lean Back And Hit It Like A Gangsta', ODR stomp one moment, then break into a half-speed melodic bridge, winding us down with what sounds like a seconds-long sampled string section.

As said before, One Day Remains were one of "those" bands, and if you're the type who would skip on a group due to their name or the fact that they have yet to name a song 'Dechristianizing The Sabbathian Whores' or some pompous shit like that, then this EP won't even register on your radar. If, however, you're interested in hearing what metro Detroit has to offer besides The Black Dahlia Murder, you could do a Hell of alot worse than One Day Remains.

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