Nomans Land-Hammerfrost - Einheit Produktionen 2005
10 Songs
Running Time: 47:44

It’s time to throw on your capes and let down your hair, Nomans Land has cranked out an awesome second album, Hammerfrost, that’s saturated in Viking lore and frigid Northern Glory!!! What separates Russia’s Nomans Land from other bands recollecting Viking times you ask? The merit of Nomans Land is the instrumental side of their music; lyrics do not drive the imagery and feeling of their mellower sound, in fact, there are hardly any vocals. Hammerfrost has several solely instrumental songs throughout the album where guitars tell the story, all of them worth listening to. The absence of vocals for this band is a good thing being I didn’t find the vocalists’ voices to be anything exceptional. Guest keyboardist Denisov adds a lot to the music’s mood too, though I can’t say that a lilting flute is the greatest addition to the opening song, 'Lord of the Seas'. Having my complaints stated, I would suggest this album to all Viking metal lovers out there. You may not find an urge to bang your head or call friends (or yourself) to arms, but Hammerfrost is good for traffic jams and listening to while multitasking. To be concluded, buy Hammerfrost. It's cheaper than a Viking ship, and just as cool to say you own. Review By: Agent Slaughter

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