Nachtmystium - Nachtmystium EP - Battle Kommand Records 2005
6 Songs
Running Time: 24:24

Someone better get in touch with Darkthrone, because it sounds like Nachtmystium might've stolen the recording equipment from the Ablaze In The Northern Sky (all four tracks of it) sessions for the recording of this album. Vocalist Zmij has that early Nocturno Culto delivery down, and comes across as convincing, if a little rote by even the black metal standards of the time of this album's very limited issue. 'Cold Tormentor I've Become)' is a high point of Nachtmystium, Azentrius slashing into oncoming bodies with exquisitely sharp riffwork, while Aamonael and W. Obscurum hurtle demonspeed rhythms through the carnage. The band just doesn't let up,  'Come Forth, Devastation' and 'Embrace Red Horizon' finding Zmij settling into a style more his own, and overpowering even the musical obliteration at times with his throat-scraping caterwauls. On 'Call Of The Ancient', Nachtmystium first began - at least to my ears - the flirtation with more subtle textures that continues to this day, ritualistic (read: not tribal) drumming and languid guitars lending more of a hypnotic quality to the music than the previous full frontal assault, until around the three-minute-mark, where we're jolted out of our black reverie by a return to all things frenzied. The album ends with Nachtmystium rampaging through Judas Iscariot's 'Gaze Upon Heaven In Flames', which works out nicely, considering that production duties here were handled by Akhenaten (US black metal luminary, and frontman of Judas Iscariot).

Being as the first pressing of this EP was ultra-limited, Nachtmystium and Battle Kommand have joined forces to wage war on the armies of light with this reissue. Not remastered, not rerecorded, nothing short of an unholy burst of pure USBM annihilation.

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