Moonspell - Memorial - SPV Records
13 Songs
Running Time: 59:31

Memorial, Moonspell's most recent work, is a testament to the change and development for the better that this band has gone through since their beginnings just over a decade ago. Memorial leans much more towards Metal in sound than the more cinematic concepts of The Antidote. As in the older albums (Wolfheart,Irreligious), guitars and drums have a stronger grip on Moonspell's music this time around than the keyboards of late. To some fans this would be a step backward for these lurid Portuguese artists, but I find it be a step forward, as they have avoided the downfall of overproduction so many well-known bands make. Still, Ribeiro retains his potent and eloquent delivery, and keyboardists/guitarists Paixão and Amorim keep their trademark symphonic and fantastical gothic sound. This gothic sound, though, is shot through with a fervour and bite I, for one, welcome back. Fans of Moonspell will not be disappointed, and no doubt, many willI find Memorial to be the best work they've produced yet. Opening song 'In Memoriam' introduces listeners to Moonspell's resounding world that's somber and mystère, as 'Sons of Earth' washes them with an empty tranquility. 'Proliferation' begins the ending half of the album with a mood that's compelling and robust. I can't find anything to complain about with this album, and you know how I like to complain. The variation between the simplicity of the single guitar to the complexity of an entire symphony is well balanced, and Memorial does not weigh heavily one way or the other. To sum the up what you're already guessing, add Memorial to your collection, it has been well worth the wait.
Review By: Agent Slaughter

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