Korpiklaani - Voice Of Wilderness - Napalm Records 2005
11 Songs
Running Time: 41:03

For most people words like "cottage" or "sauna" would not strike them as being part of the common metal vocabulary, at least not any vocabulary outside of the elderly American Midwestern population. But, Korpiklaani (Forest Clan) has proven this assumption very wrong in their latest album Voice Of Wilderness. Apparently early and contemporary Finns enjoy saunas too. Korpiklaani uses the above vocabulary in a dynamic set of songs that may give their listeners the urge to grab the closest weapon at hand, guzzle ten shots of espresso, and run out the door to kick some enemy ass. If you don't believe me when I say this is a great folk metal album, it might help to say that I have never previously heard of a band that claims to, in fact, shit a chain after chowing down on some delicious iron. With guitars, drums, violin, flutes, accordion, and the jouhikko - an instrument with a name it sounds out of a Dr. Seuss book -, Korpiklaani has put together an album well worth your pay and time spent listening.

Don't expect to receive any personal revelation out of the lyrics, but do expect to jump into a more hyper mood with or without those ten espresso shots to this band of unusual influence and metal sound. Though I can't say any song in particular jumped at me this time around, Hittavainenen's traditional folk melodies and Jonne's vocals keep the songs from sounding the same. To wrap this up, as they say in Finland, "Ei kiitos, mä oon homo!"! Or something like that…

www.korpiklaani.com Review By: Agent Slaughter

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