Keen Of The Crow - Premonition - Independent  2006
3 Songs
Running Time: 21:12 

The beginning of "Nightbringer" finds the creative force behind Morgion to be in typical exalted form, a liquidly rolling bassline lapping against the somber vocals of Dan Ochoa. Look not to Keen Of The Crow as a retread of the steps Morgion once trod, because when - at just over the two-minute mark - the band lights up, the thunderous groove of KOTC trumps the agression of anything Morgion ever did by a mile. The chorus of "Ride the wings of Armageddon!" invokes a host of fists and horns raised to the sky, be it alone or in a live setting. There's a sense of As The Flower Withers era My Dying Bride here, but given a shot of testosterone, and introducing KOTC not as mere doomhounds, but a damned solid death band when they take the notion to be. Skillfull Arthur/Slater leads flow "Nightbringer" seamlessly into the jagged, broken chords of "Speaker Of The Suns", which soon morphs into a flowing, subdued instrumental passage. The drumming of Rhett Davis was a prominent feature in Morgion, and it's in the section coming out of that mellow interlude that we see his growth as a musician. Davis attacks the skins with a 50/50 mixture of caveman wallop and surgical precision, driving the rest of the players out of the quiet valley and into the brawny climax of the song. "Mercurial" winds things up here, Christian's bass injecting subtle jazz nuances during the more velveted moments, yet muscling its way to the front of the mix for the worn, desolate death/doom that puts the final stamp on Premonition. Ochoa's vocals are a focal point during this section of "Mercurial", teetering on the edge of blackness, yet remaining understandable and well-suited to the music.

Those lucky enough to see this band on their first US tour over the early summer will remember it for a long time to come, I assure you. When talking to Justin after the show, he mentioned that by the next tour, the band was looking to leave Morgion to memories, focusing on building the Keen Of The Crow name. Well, with the professionalism during the show, and an introduction to the scene of such quality as Premonition, I'd say Keen Of The Crow are alot closer to establishing their own identity than even they may suspect. Vital for any fan of death, doom, or a combination of the two.

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