He Who Corrupts - The Smell Of Money EP - Eugenics Record Label
5 Hollowpoint Rounds To Your Skull
Running Time: 7:55

After more 7" and Split EPs than an orgy at the Robotic Empire HQ, The Windy City's corporate conquerors are here to downsize your rib cage with the most fierce grindcore these ears have heard this year.

Punching in to the sound of a world gone flatline, 'Your Mama On The Rocks' takes a sudden swerve around the mailboy and into a lumbering, disjointed groove for about thirty seconds, only to slam into the front door of the office. The serene tones of 'Whose Ball Bearings Need Greasin'' provide a menacing quality that will leave you tossing bodies from the glass elevator once it reaches an altitude sufficient for making your (now) ex-coworkers bounce. Instead of the standard grindcore vocals, which have always come across to me as either my garbage disposal choking on a bone or a broken dog whistle, He Who Corrupts use clean yelps and gritted teeth to deliver the week's State Of The Corporation report. Make no mistake about it, this isn't just noise hurled onto a disc and spat out with little regard for quality...HWC know exactly what they're doing. 'Pain In The Tight Pants' hides its deceptive swagger in irony and behind a horrifically intricate downbeat, which just makes the pummeling 'Fuck This And F That' hit just that much harder. He Who Corrupts punches out with 'Grinding For Jesus', doing more damage in under eight minutes than scab workers like Slipknot do in an hour. Remember that scene in Office Space where the fax machine finally got what was coming to it? That's The Smell Of Money, only the fax machine is your manager, and the body is not only broken, but torched, and a pig is roasted over the flames.

Get this disc and get it now. Yesterday, even. All I'm saying is, you do not want to be on the receiving end of this corporate takeover.


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