Hevein - Sound Over Matter - Spinefarm Records / Candlelight Records USA 2006
10 Songs
Running Time: 44:49

Yeah, we've all heard it before, the sound of metal and strings. Unfortunately, the strings are most often synthesized and don't deliver the same performance of a real string section. This time around though, its different. Hevein's Sound Over Matter produces a truly symphonic tone, yet fuses it with hard-hitting thrash in the style of The Haunted. Don't be mistaken, this isn't any symphonic black metal. Hevein brings a much cleaner sound and infrequently uses a gravelly or distorted voice. Lead vocalist Juha Immonen, brought into the band in 2003, has a voice that has the ability to appeal to a wide range of music fans. It's clean enough that it could give the band some headway towards mainstream appeal, but not whiny enough that it turns away more hardcore metalheads. The sound of violins and cello, courtesy of Aino Piipari and Apocalyptica's Max Lija, add a lot to the band's sound. I don't think that without the stringed instruments they would be much set apart from other bands of Finland, but with them, it does give Hevein the advantage. Sound Over Matter leans between a beautiful and slightly annoying catchy sound. The track 'iOta' is a prime example of this, being a good song that also gets stuck in your head. I can't call this album one of the best, some of the album being too clean for my taste. On the bright side, they have some really good songs and the album cover gives a clear image of the music found within.

If you like the more symphonic tones of Apocalyptica - who Hevein's sound is reminiscent of at times -, then you may very well enjoy Sound Over Matter. With this album, Hevein has both revitalized itself and possibly kicked awake the tired genre of symphonic metal by adding an energetic power/thrash delivery.

Review By: Agent Slaughter

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