Heresi - Psalm II: Infusco Ignis - Hydra Head Records  2006
5 Songs
Running Time: 28:24

Comparisons to Xasthur will be inevitable. And Striborg, Burzum (later years), or any other solitary horde spending his days in a padded cell or pitch dark cave overlooking some Scandinavian ocean or other. Heresi, though, brain(less) child of one Skamfar, isn't directly comparable to any listed above. More electric than Burzum, more black'n'roll friendly than Xasthur, and in a different universe altogether than Striborg, Heresi is raw, unfettered, and not in the least sane.

"Liotte" rages with vile, near Impaled Nazarene vocals, dirty as hell and twice as sinful. Psalm II: Infusco Ignis takes shape within the blazing fires of a torched asylum, Skamfer cavorting wildly in the flames. From 1:13 - 1:55, Heresi breaks out the homage to Darkthrone. Frenzied riffs divebomb the listener, strafing the fields of Armageddon with bloodied arrows sharp enough to send Lucifer himself running for cover. Furious apocalyptic beats lead the hellcharge of "Bevingad Och Farsedd Med Horn", scathing speed-picking burning streaks through the grey ashen skies. Poisonous leads strike from time to time like the many-headed beast of myth (?) after which the US label issuing this paean to slaughter is named. The sweatdrenched malevolence in "Dionyssosinitiationen" could've been lifted from the works of doom, Heresi displaying avante-funeral leanings, like a more inherently aggressive Nortt. It isn't long, though, before the EP's centerpiece explodes in full-on orgiastic black metal anti-glory. It's like the monumental Blood Fire Death all over, battering ram drums colliding against the gates of onyx built by the buzzsaw guitars. The length of the songs on Psalm II: Infusco Ignis gives Skamfer time to fuck around a little; stretching his dark wings, as it were. With strident double-kick work, Heresi slams back into the Bathory riff for the ending of "Dionyssosinitiationen", leading into the utter mindrape of "Prosairesis". With off-time signatures and off-beat drums, everything about this song is pretty much "off" until yet another bestial chord pattern rears its venomous head. Whatever medication Skamfer hasn't been taking, it's turned him into a veritable blood-pumping riff generator. Tyrannical guitars assault and blister towards the war metal, more aggressive middle section. There's still the telltale love of early Darkthrone, but on full bore, and careening over some unseen abyss, cackling all the way. The title track slams shut the gate on this EP in Hellborn, blasting, goat-worshipping fury. Herein lie destructive, convoluted song structures that just don't fucking let up over the course of the nearly six minutes. As diverse as Heresi can be at times, for the final romp, he moves as breakneck pace, double-tracked vocals and all. Gone is the catchy and the memorable, this is (im)pure, unadulterated hate.

Much like Leviathan (Wrest contributes cover art for Psalm II: Infusco Ignis), Heresi is the product of one mind twisting in on itself and then leaving blood-spatter across the walls of homicidal lunacy. Diseased, and proud of it.

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