Gorerotted - A New Dawn For The Dead - Metal Blade Records 2005
9 Songs
Running Time: 33:49

During Gorerotted's near-decade of existence, we've heard them transform from the somewhat derivativeHer Gash I Did Slash MCD to the formidable grind abuse of their Metal Blade debut, Only Tools And Corpses. Two years later, Gorerotted proves to be still a band in flux, leaving behind a good portion of their goregrind in favour of a more melodic - if no less dangerous - death metal delivery with A New Dawn For The Dead.

Opener '...And Everything Went Black' follows much the same pattern as we've come to expect from these UK gore purveyors, but it's when the spot-on rhythms and elongated riffs of 'Pain As A Prelude To Death' hammer home the point that all is not unintelligible growling and indecipherable blur here, that a new (and I'd say improved) Gorerotted rears its festering head. As much as it seems sacrilege, I really don't notice the abscence of the recently-departed Mr. Bore...I mean Gore. In speaking to the now singular vocalist, Wilson, I learned that through the past few years, he'd actually performed the lion's share of vocalist duties, and it shows here. They way I see it, this cutting lose of the dead weight (pun intended) gave us a band with renewed focus, and really kicked a bit of life into the band. This newfound drive can be found throughout A New Dawn... , but is highlighted in the careening leads and shifting rhythms of 'Adding Insult To Injury', and 'Fable Of Filth' s semi-death'n'roll approach. Lest you think this more streamlined outlook has caused Gorerotted to "wimp out" or "go soft", the band has thoughtfully shoved Wilson's voice into a meatgrinder for the song 'A Very Grave Business'. There, Gorerotted shine in all their slick, repulsive glory, using threads of intestine to entangle meathook riffery and clawhammer drumwork, coming out all the better for the mess they've made.

There are issues still. The production could stand a bit more punch, but it seems that Gorerotted using their live engineer at the production helm does just what they wanted it to do, in creating a more "live" feel to their recorded work. Another progression in both execution and power from Britain's mad butchers.


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