Ganon - In The Dead Of Sleep - Independent 2005
5 Songs
Running Time: 42:54

The sound conjured by Detroit's Ganon in the opening moments of 'Lifting Skies' crashes over you like a tidal wave, then pulls you into the dark ocean of nothing. The fluidity of chaos is what it's all about with Ganon, so smooth is their transition from gentle harmonics to obliterating proto-doom. There's simply nothing to grab onto here, emotions shifting like the colours of dusk, finally turning an ashen gray to remind you that sometimes escapism is the only means of survival. Shades of Isis and Keelhaul are admittedly abundant, but where the former is wont to wash its soundscapes with a more bass-heavy tone, Ganon used three guitarists for this album, each slashing through the dense fog of Ganon's music with cascading scales and leaden riffs to create something truly original. Matt Debello has moved on since the recording of In The Dead Of Sleep, but the two remaining guitarists should be able to hold their own quite well. The rhythm section of Brian (drums) and Clark (bass) are well schooled in the minimalist stylings of Helmet and Neurosis, but use this appreciation to create a puslating heart beneath the weight of material such as 'Through Wires' and the vast 'It Speaks'. Ganon's debut closes with 'The Calm Of Unlight', which references everything from The Fucking Champs to Lull in its tumble through the dark. This is not music for the sunlit hours, but the thunderstrom and the quiet after, while observing the devastation.

It's been a long time since I was able to describe an album by a Detroit band as imposing, but that's just what In The Dead Of Sleep is. With bands like Human Wick Effect, The Nain Rouge, and Ganon, the hipster garage rock scene in the Motor City had better watch its back, or risk getting eaten alive.

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