Facedowninshit - Nothing Positive Only Negative - Relapse Records 2006
7 Songs
Running Time: 38:48

Facedowninshit kicks things off with the motorcycle boot to the solar plexus that is 'Plasma Center Blues', bringing to mind - at least to this writer - those strung-out, unintentionally sober hours spent hooked up to an antique machine watching (Insert name of Hollywood blockbuster most recently gone to video here) in order to stumble out and walk as far as the nearest liquor store to spend the whopping $20 you just made. Sludge fans will draw immediate comparisons to Iron Monkey, or maybe angular doomlords Khanate filtered through Molly Hatchet, but when it comes to Facedowninshit, these are compliments of the highest (pun intended) order. 'Nothing Positive Only Negative' builds a mountain of godsize riffwork, the vocals of Jason Crumer and Waylon Riffs working in primitive tandem to pound the song into a bloody pulp while Ryan Wolfe's drumming recalls Death Valley Dragline's resident skin abuser, The Prodigy . Mangled, shrieking guitars muscle their way to the forefront of 'Countless', and 'Ten Strip' is unabashed Discharge-worship fit to crush the larynx of mall-metal for once and fucking all. Name-dropping all these former bands by no means brands FDIS as jumpers onto a nonexistent bandwagon, though. Instead, it should serve to cement the pedigree of sheer kickass brutality that inspired this black tar trinity in the creation of this desolate beast. The feelbad hit of the album can be found in the slugfest mentality of 'Association Of Known Undesirables', which shifts unexpectedly from cranked-up howl to some white trash version of oldschool metal (4:30 - 4:52), then back to Fistula-inspired barfight devastation. The aptly-titled 'Fucked' starts off with the bestial caterwaul we've come to know thus far, but - at the end - builds to an instrumental stoner excursion of freakout proportions. The beating winds down with 'Rough Sleep', which returns us to an instrumental passage much like that ending 'Fucked' around the five minute mark, but soon collapses in all-out heathen sludge.

As an album, NPON won't break any new ground for the sludge nation, but it's a more than worthy aquisition for anyone into bands of that ilk. Next time you want to have your ass handed to you, or feel like doling out the punishment to someone else, Facedowninshit will be waiting. Nothing Positive Only Negative is the soundtrack to personal wreckage.


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