The Deviant- Ravenous Deathworship - Tabu Records / Candlelight Records USA 2006
9 Songs
Running Time: 38:06

Every once in a while a death metal band seeps out of a country originally known for its black metal; in this case, Norway. If you haven't heard them before, here is your chance with this little known band, The Deviant. The album of which I speak is titled Ravenous Deathworship, and is quite a find for black metal and death metal lovers alike.

The Deviant brings the trenchant and intense death metal sound that is expected and loved, but not without showing their Norweigan black metal roots. Influences from bands like Immortal and Satyricon can be heard clearly and the vocals retain a traditional black metal quality, due in no small part to vocalist Dolgar's time spent in Gehenna. From the new recording of their demo's title track, 'Intimate Skinning', to the all-out Slayer-worship of 'Venom Of Mankind', The Deviant provide a welcome change from most other Norwegian bands, in that their lyrics can be deciphered without having either an extensive knowledge of Viking lore or Nocturno Culto's home phone number. The vocals of Dolgar ride atop a bed of nails made from the sharp riffing and impressive drumming that categorize much of late 80s American death. The Deviant is still very European in their guitar attack, though, and is not above inserting the occasional melodic undertone just to keep things fresh. 'Perfect State Of Death' is another highlight, the rapid-fire devastation of the drummer adding still more of a Slayer tone to this number, especially near the end. Ending with the catchy-as-fuck 'Resurrection Of Hate', The Deviant blends triumphant riffs with racing rhythms to bring this death metal monster to a close.

There's really nothing especially original about this band, but The Deviant does what it does well enough to warrant seeking out Ravenous Deathworship. It's kind of the perfect album for blasting out the eardrums of any of your friends who see shit bands like Avenged Sevenfold as "real death metal".
Review By: Agent Slaughter

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