Dark Funeral - Attera Totus Sanctus - Candlelight Records 2005
8 Songs
Running Time: 42:56

Fans of Dark Funeral, be not dismayed. This most recent release, Attera Totus Sanctus, is not only an overall great album, but it surpasses most of the previous releases from Sweden's most diabolic. Attera Totus Sanctus is as acrimonious and funereal (har har) as anything else put out by Dark Funeral. This time around, though, the music is more dynamic and contains moments of near-melodic sound. This new attention to melody greatly improves the whole album and makes it easier to tell the songs apart from one another. One of the best pieces of the album is the title track, 'Attera Totus Sanctus'; Modin's blastbeats work the song into a masterpiece of dark personal empowerment. As great as this album is to the ears on a musical level, my one big complaint that keeps it from being a complete 10 out of 10 is that the lyrics are equally comparable in caliber only to that of the poetry of a "no-one-gets-me" 12 year old. Seriously, print off some lyrics and try to read them poetically out loud with out cracking up. And while I'm pointing out the let downs of the album, I'll mention that the cover art should be on a grocery store paperback fantasy novel and not on an album, especially a Dark Funeral album like Attera Totus Sanctus. Perhaps I shouldn't be complaining about something so small as the art, being the tight-leather-despite-the-beer-belly look the band still sports indicates that appearance is not first priority for any of the members. That said, despite the above complaints, Dark Funeral's Attera Totus Sanctus is an album worth digging in your wallet for and throwing in your piece-of-shit CD player. 

www.darkfuneral.se  Review By: Agent Slaughter

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