Craft-Fuck The Universe - Southern Lord Records 2006
11 Songs
Running Time: 51:18

If You want Pure Satanic Black Metal Elevator music at its Best, then this is the album for you. Craft's last album, Fuck The Universe, is guaranteed to keep you only half-listening with cliché lyrics of hate and evil and music that lives down to all stereotypical black metal standards! Not being able to tell the songs apart from one another only works if you're Darkthrone and the year is 1994. Craft aren't, and it isn't. For all the influence Craft claims to have on other bands, it sure as Hell doesn't show. I suggest this album to those metalheads out there with insomnia; screw sleeping meds and cough syrup. Listen to Fuck The Universe an hour before bedtime! I promise you'll be out before its over. If you don't have any sleeping problems, another great use for this flop is playing it at excessive volume to get people off your property once you feel they've annoyed you enough. They'll be driven away by the talentless meanderings and be gone within minutes If there are any stragglers who decide to stay and listen, simply add them to your hit list and throw them out personally! In conclusion, if I haven't made my opinion clear enough for you already, don't add this to your CD collection! Bad! Stay away! Save those bucks for something memorable!

Addendum: From the Craft information page on their European label's website, a December update states that the three remaining members of the band will soldier on after the departure of eleven-year Craft drummer, Daniel. Their fan must be so thrilled. Someone should let him know. Review By: Agent Slaughter

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