Cannibal Corpse - Kill - Metal Blade Records 2006
13 Songs
Running Time: 42:17

Back when I was first getting my metal bearings, my friends and I used to play a game we called "Guess WhichBarnyard Animal Slayer Is Killing". It wasn't the best title, granted, but it was what we had. Those Hanneman/King solos were prime fodder for our game. Every new Slayer album was new level to be attained for the neophyte, and a new learning experience for the masters. No one really picked up on that 32nd fret soloing in metal, even to this day, for the most part...until now. 

When that first scathing lead in 'The Time To Kill Is Now' scalded my eardrums, you couldn't have sandblasted the smile off of my face. Of all bands, Cannibal Corpse had found "it"! Not to mention that the song bristles and blisters with a rabid attack not even found on The Wretched Spawn. 'Make Them Suffer' finds Cannibal moving on at triple-time, Corpsegrinder's vox as burly and guttural as ever, and maybe moreso due to stretching his legs (so to speak) in last year's more oldschool Swede-metal Paths Of Possession. Special mention has to be made of the return of Rob Barrett to the lineup. Not heard on disc since 1996's Vile, Mr. Barrett hasn't been fossilizing, that's for damn sure. His presence here no doubt lit a fire under the collective ass of the band, and between Barrett and fellow axehandler Pat O'Brien, Cannibal Corpse is now home to one of the most skillful death metal string duos around. Whether sawing away in 'Murder Worship', or hammering out old Possessed worship in the incendiary 'Five Nails Through The Neck', these two (and the rest) are on top of their game, reminding everyone that yes, in case you'd forgotten, when Cannibal's "on", they can kick your ass just fine, thank you very much and please. Aside from being a damned nice guy, Paul Mazurkiewicz is a monster behind the kit this time around, hanging with the warhammer-swinging groove of 'Death Walking Terror', as the low end rolls forward, courtesy of Alex Webster's pummelling bass. The appropriately-named 'Brain Removal Device' is another standout, though I wish they'd kept that killer riff they started just before the chorus going longer. The song also features yet another chance to play the aforementioned game, searing leadwork being the order of the day for much of Kill. This is a record of changes for Cannibal Corpse, from the straightforward title to the blood-drenched cover. Myself, the abscence of a total gore-out cover made the artwork that much more ominous. Almost like it was time to stop fucking around and get down to the business of murder. 'Infinite Misery' is the perfect ending, near-doom riffing slathered with shrill leads and hypnotic rhythms, so much so that you almost don't notice the abscence of vocals until song's end.

If you've been on the fence with your opinion on this band, Kill is the album to change that by shoving you into the pit headfirst. Nearly twenty years deep, Cannibal Corpse shows its wisdom by mixing things up a bit, and revitalizing themselves in the process. Kill is a rusty circular saw blade jamming up somewhere around the spinal cord, but still whirring away despite your cries for help.

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