Black Cobra - Bestial - At A Loss Recordings 2006
11 Songs
Running Time: 36:05

Those of us sickened by the apparent demise of 16 and Cavity were floored when two ex-members of those bands blasted their way onto the scene as Black Cobra in 2004, committing to disc a 3-song demo as a blown-out glimpse of what was to come. Finally, damn near two years later, Bestial is unleashed on a mostly-unsuspecting public to continue the colossal curbstomping.

And continue they do, Jason (ex-Cavity) and Rafael (ex-16) calling forth a creature that mimics neither of their previous projects, but isn't shy about letting you know from whence it came. 'One Nine' bursts out of the gate, all catharsis and crunch, easily letting you forget that we're dealing with a two-piece band here. More experimental than 16, but hitting harder than Cavity in some spaces, Black Cobra is built on more of a rock and roll foundation. Fear not, though, because this is rock at it's most incendiary. 'Thrown From Great Heights' finds the listener shoved from ash-black sludge to hectic hammering ala Torche just in time for 'El Equis' to wrap its Botch-like tentacles around your spinal cord and give it a good yank courtesy of the occasional foray into metallic gallop. A mellow guitar pattern is quickly crushed beneath the steamroller pummelling of 'Beneath' just in time for 'Omniscient' to obliterate what's left of your eardrums, and bring to mind what Swarm Of The Lotus would sound like washing down a fistful of Darvosets with a bottle of tequila. Black Cobra then proceeds to fuck with us even more, the torturous 'Broken On The Wheel' disguising the subdued guitar chordings that linger for nearly three minutes before a Sleep-inspired doom excursion takes over. Ending with the full-bore juggernaut of 'Kay Dur Twenty', Black Cobra takes early Helmet and speeds it up to somewhere around the redline, leaving nothing but broken strings and busted kick drum heads in their path.

Fans of pretty much anything on Hydrahead, At A Loss, or labels of that sort should smoke this shit up with a quickness. If you haven't been privy to Cavity or 16 beforehand, take the best parts of both and drive them into a headon'll find Black Cobra rising from the charred wreckage, and ready to do inflict some damage.

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