Belphegor - Goatreich-Fleshcult - Napalm Records 2005
9 Songs
Running Time: 38:11


Belphegor is your typical anti-Christian "death/black" band, and their new album, Goatreich-Fleshcult is leaning more towards the death side, as far as sound goes. They are obviously talented musicians; it is apparent in their sound, but this says little. Wasted talent is sometimes worse than lacking skill. I read in an interview that the band practices a lot; you would think that as a result they would be able to produce a less monotonous album. The technicality is there and progresses throughout the songs, but the pattern within the songs doesn't change much. Blast beats are great, especially in "metal" music. There are other drumming techniques, though; this band should consider looking into them. You will not miss blast beats once you have heard this album. The lamest portions of the album, I have to say, are the gay goat cackle at the beginning of the title track, and the lyrical content of 'Swarm Of Rats'..."Them lying Christians...666."


Typically they talk about killing priests and sacrilege, stabbing foreheads with crucifixes, skinning faces, "chopping balls," and the epic "fukk you," are just some of the concepts of this uber-kvlt Austrian death circus.


Sad lyrical content is disguised by horrible grunt vocals...and the worst is the background vocalist. I have never been a fan of the high-pitched secondary vocals being mixed with grunty primary death vocals, and in this album it sounds horrible.

I wasn't at all impressed with Blutsabbath and I feel similarly about this album. Goatreich-Fleshcult lacks direction and diversity. All of the songs sound similar, which seems to be the popular trend now in neo-black and death bands. They fit right in. If you are new to black/death metal, you would probably like this album, and you should definitely waste your money on it.

Yeah I'm a picky bitch. It is bands like this, albums such as this, that cause me to be.

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