Antigama - Discomfort - Selfmadgod Records 2005
13 Songs
Running Time: 30:17

When you think of the words "Poland" and "metal", the names that most likely spring to mind are the death/black bands for which the country is known. You know, your Vaders, your Behemoths, and the incomparably under-exalted Crionics. Unbeknownst to most of us (myself included), there's a not-so-unfertile grind scene that's developed in the past five-odd years. Bands like Reinfection and Fleas And Lice, as well as Eyehategod devotees, Nyia, have been popping up here and there, infesting their countrymens' senses with the rotted proclamation that Poland has much more to offer in the way of music to kill by. Well, now add Antigama to that list.

Although I had yet to hear of the band prior to this release, Antigama have been puking up their musical bile in squats and on tours for about three years now. Spending quite alot of time on tour hasn't quelled the already-extensive audio documentation of these grindbastards, the past few years giving birth to somewhere around ten various projects in the form of split discs and a few MCDs. The musical familiarity with each other that Antigama has is apparent from the discordant, yet uber-technical beginning of 'Flies', recalling an earlier and more "low end friendly" deadbodieseverywhere. There's an electronic side to Antigama as well, 'Bloodmaker' being a mish-mash of power electrogrind and dirty vocal devastation. The brilliantly-titled 'Stupid Fuck' lets the grind foundation of the band slip a bit in the first half of the song or so, but only to let the Benumb on crystal meth attack of Sebastian's guitars pound you into obliveon just in time for the suprisingly riff-friendly 'Who Is My Enemy?' to mount it's assault on your frontal lobe. Vocalist Lucas sounds like a frenzied Yeti, and thankfully, Discomfort is void of the screech and wail found in so many grindcore bands today. 'This Structure Is Tight' begins with yet another display of what I'd otherwise call "power electronics", were it not so damned ravaging. Listening to Antigama at times is like being driven off a cliff, and knowing that your killer is in the seat beside you, snarling with laughter all the way to your mutual destruction. The rhythm-driven 'Shit From Arse' slugs and howls in fine Pig Destroyer fashion, and 'Save Copy As' swings from chaotic grind madness to Swarm Of The Lotus style pummelling. The last song on Discomfort is actually a remix of 'Fala' by Italian industrial proto-electronic collective The Seed, and presents an entirely new take on an older song done originally by Antigama.

With Discomfort, Poland's Antigama have proven, by blending so effortlessly two disparate musical styles, that the true lifesblood of any scene is often found in the underground. Seek out Discomfort soon, before that fucking scabies-ridden sofa on the cover comes crashing through your front window.

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